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OzWebMagic Web Design And SEO ServicesOzWebMagic is an Australian-based Web Design & SEO business that helps business clients by designing websites that serve their local, regional or global business needs. We specialise in designing Quality Business Websites that are Search Engine Optimised, Mobile Ready, User Friendly, Results Focused, and Very Affordable.

For the next 25 customers, we are making a Special Offer to get you started with your new business website for just $997 (Web Design & Hosting) and $297 per month (On-going SEO & Maintenance). This offer represents a significant savings compared to alternatives from other web developers that offer commensurate value and features. TO ACCEPT THIS OFFER, please go to our CONTACT link (top right) and phone me or use the Contact Web Form to submit your request and supply information that I can contact you on to discuss your needs.

Dr Wayne Nowland - Director, OzWebMagic Web Design And SEOI am Dr Wayne Nowland, Web Design & SEO Specialist and Director of New Wave Technology Pty Ltd, a private company that owns and operates OzWebMagic. I can be reached via our Contact Web Form or by phone on (+61) 411-152-042. Our OzWebMagic website address is www.OzWebMagic.com.au.

In the following presentation, we outline some common problems that small businesses face in today's difficult economic environment and marketplace. We also show how a professionally-designed website can help you overcome these barriers, and we provide information about important features and benefits of a profitable website. In closing, we discusses some of the ways we can help you get started on the right track with a brand new website that will work to help you increase profitability, bring in more sales, and achieve other business goals as needed.

Lack Of Customers - A Common Business ProblemIf you’re like most business owners today, you may be experiencing some problems when it comes to getting your phone to ring or getting more foot traffic coming through your doors. As a general rule, most business owners have 4 specific goals in mind to help them increase sales and profits. Those goals are:

  • Getting new customers to do business with you
  • Getting repeat customers to do more business with you
  • Getting existing customers to spend more money with you
  • Getting your customers to refer your business to others

But as you know, there are some major obstacles that get in the way of accomplishing these goals – namely, marketing costs, your competitors, and new-age technology … which should not be an obstacle, but unfortunately, it is for many business owners, and we’ll talk about that in a few minutes.



OzWebMagic SEO Web Design StrategyThere are ways to overcome the barriers most business face in competitive marketing and attracting and retaining customers, and using “new” online marketing methods can and will help you put your business in front of your target audience in a very professional way, if done properly. In return, your marketing dollars will yield better results by growing your connection with your local market.

A professionally-designed website is one way to accomplish this.

When consumers visit your website, they’re usually going there to see if your company has what they want or need. Your website should have a great first impression and ultimately drive visitors to do business with you and refer you to others.


There are certain Web Design and SEO Secrets that good web designers are very familiar with and have the expertise to build you a quality business website that works the way you and your visitors prefer. The key is to give visitors exactly what they are looking for, and for your website to then turn them into loyal and valued customers. That is the goal of a well-designed high quality business website.


OzWebMagic SEO Web Design Services


Getting started with a new website requires planning to make sure your website fully meets the needs of your local target audience. You will need to decide on a layout, the navigation structure, images and photos, content and more before you have it designed.

We can help you analyze the wants and needs of your target audience and help you decide on the features and content that will be included on your website.  We will also help you do competition and market analysis that further helps you make decisions about your website and how to optimise its content and structure.
We then design the site for you based on our findings and the needs of your business and customers.

We can also help you maintain your new website and provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support to get your site ranking well in the search engines, which is crucial for attracting quality targeted visitors to your site and turning it into a profit-generating contributor to your company's bottom line.

We offer a range of optional services, including Business Modelling & Strategy Consulting, Financial Analysis, Content Creation, Administration Support, Sales Tracking Tools, Graphics and Business Presentation Development, or most any type of ongoing support you need. These services are available on request.

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER:  Today, I can get you started for just $997 (Web Design + First Year Web Hosting + 2 Year Domain Name Registration), PLUS $297 per month (Ongoing SEO & Website Maintenance) for a minimum of 3 months. This offer is limited to the NEXT 25 customers.

The same services from other website developers can cost typically in excess of $1,500 for web design, plus $200-300 for annual web hosting and domain name registration, plus $450 to $1,000 for monthly search engine optimisation and website maintenance. So our LIMITED OFFER is very competitive and GREAT VALUE if you want something that really works the way you want it at an affordable price.